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How Much Does a Small Business Website Cost?

Small Business Website Costs

What is the cheapest way to have a website?

One of the most common questions we get asked by our customers is: “How Much Does a Small Business Website Cost?”. This is difficult to answer without knowing what features and functions you require for your business website.

However at the bare minimum if you want a simple, mobile friendly single page website our prices start from less than $1000.

If your just starting out with your online journey this is a great option with the ability to expand later down the track.

Here’s whats included:

  • Single page or “landing page” website built for your business
  • “Responsive design” meaning it will look great on mobile phones, tablets and computers
  • Built on WordPress so you are able to make changes and updates as needed
  • The ability to expand your website as you grow online
  • A “Google My Business” listing to help get you started with Google Advertising

How much does a small business website cost in Australia?

If you want to move up from a single page “landing page” website the cost starts to vary depending on what is required. Below we have split the different types of websites we offer into seperate sections to give you a better idea of cost and what is included. Always keep in mind that you can start small and grow as needed.

Small Business Website

A standard informational website that has between 5 to 20 pages of content about your business. - Prices range from: $1,100 to $3,350

Medium Business Website

Mostly for commercial websites with lots of information to share. Usually between 25 to 75 pages of content. - Prices range from: $4,100 to $11,750

Ecommerce Website

An online store where you are able to sell your products and services directly to customers and take payments. - Prices range from: $1,500 to $5,000+

Large Business Website

Corporate websites with hundreds of pages of content. Custom features and specially designed services. - Prices range from: $20,000 to $50,000+

What other expenses are required for a business website?

There are other costs involved with running a website that you need to know about. These costs are not optional since without them you will not be able to get your website online. The good news is that if you decide to have us build and manage your website we handle of this tricky technical stuff so that you don't have to. Always keep these expenses in mind when determining the cost of your website.

Website Domain Name

The domain name is what customers type in their browser to get to your website (www.example.com). There are thousands of domain name sellers online. We can purchase, set up and manage your domain name for $50 a year.

SSL Certificate

A SSL (secure socket layer) certificates protect your customers sensitive information like credit card numbers, names and addresses from being stolen. some web designers charge anywhere from $10 a month to as high as $1000. We include a FREE SSL Certificate as standard with all of our business websites.

Website Hosting

A domain name allows your customers to find your website, but you still need a place to store all the files, photos, videos and text that is shown when they get there. We will host your website on a server located in Sydney, this guarantees extremely fast speeds when loading. We also manage and maintain your files so that your website stays online. Our hosting is charged at a rate of $300 a year or $30 a month.

Content Management System

A CMS, or content management system, is what you use to display content on your website. While not required, not having one would mean hand coding everything you want to show on your website. Some developers will charge up to $1000 for the set up and management of your CMS. We include the setup and ongoing management of WordPress CMS for FREE with all of our business websites.

What other questions do our customers ask about business website costs?

How much does it cost to set up a website for a small business?

Our prices start from under $1000 for a simple single page “landing page” website. Small Business Websites with more content move up in price to around $1500. If you want to sell products online with an ecommerce store the costs will be around $2000.

How much does a website cost per month?

If you don’t want to pay up front for your business website another option is to pay monthly, the cost to do this starts at around $79 a month and includes everything you need to get your business online.

Can I host my own website?

You are able to host your own website, however we do not recommend it as hosting a website is very technically involved and time consuming. On-top of that if something goes wrong you will need to fix it yourself or pay someone. Another issue with hosting your own website is the speed and quality of the host you choose. Our hosting is located in Sydney, guaranteeing you the fastest speeds for your website.

Can't I code my own website for free?

It is extremely time consuming to code a website and takes years to learn the skills needed to create a good website. You wouldn’t try to build your own house. We are web design experts and can guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with the website we build for you.

How effective is a website for small businesses?

Having a good website for your small business will pay for itself one hundred times over. Having a place for your customers to learn about your products and services, contact you and find out more information about your business is essential in this digital age.

Does every business need a website?

We strongly believe that every business should have their own website. Having a website for your business will put you steps ahead from your competition. Being seen online gives you the first opportunity to speak with a client looking for the products and services you offer.

What makes a good business website?

A good business website quickly and clearly shows your customers the products and services you offer. It has to look great and load quickly on mobile phones, tablets and computers. We ensure that every website we build ticks all of these boxes plus more.

What makes a website valuable?

A website that is generating sales and leads it will add a huge amount of value to your business if you ever decide to sell.