9 Actionable steps to encourage word of mouth for small business

November 12, 2020

Word Of Mouth for Small Business in Australia

As a small business owner in Australia, you are probably trying to figure out how you can easily reach out to more clients. There are many ways to do this; however, most of these methods require you to spend a lot of money to achieve your goal.

Word of Mouth is your answer! It is a cheap yet super effective way to reach out to more customers; all you need is to know how to make it useful. I have nine tricks you can use to make your word of mouth work wonders in your small business. However, before we get to that, let me explain why word of mouth is essential to your small business.

You do not need to invest much to make your products known in local area when you can adopt a word of mouth strategy. It may seem like an ancient method, yet, it has always positively influenced most small businesses in Australia.

Importance of Word of Mouth in Small Business

  • Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool in small business; you can convert up to 92% of customers to make a purchase.
  • Approximately 76% of your customers recommend your small business to others through word of mouth.
  • Before a Business-to-Business buyer makes a purchase, they first consult their peers about their experiences and challenges.
  • Some prefer to follow companies’ website reviews before making the final decision, while others post questions about what they want to purchase, seeking more information and suggestions.

How to Make Word Of Mouth Effective In Your Small Business

1. Exceed Customers Expectations

How does it feel when you get more than you expect? Good right? That is the same feeling consumers experience when you surpass their expectations. Whenever you are making decisions regarding the business, assume you are the customer and then determine what will make you feel appreciated and satisfied.

Unfortunately, as much as you would like it, it is not an easy task to convince clients to give a positive experience to your business randomly. To achieve this goal, offer them more than they expect to have a reason to talk about your small business.

2. Offer a Wow Factor

If you want your consumers to talk about your small business, consider offering products that make them go, “Wow.” You can achieve this by providing quality products and services. For instance, assuming you want to purchase a bag, you come across one with quality material that solves all your needs. It has enough space to fit your items or has sections that will make your belongings stay organised. That aspect will make you go, “wow,” which you need to give your customers.

3. Keep Your Promises

As a small business owner, learn to deliver the promises you make to your clients. If you are an online entrepreneur who sells products to clients when they order, give a reasonable delivery time that you can manage to avoid disappointment.
In an event where you promise a client and do not deliver, it may negatively affect your small business, especially if they share their disappointment with others. In this case, word of mouth will have worked against you, which can be very dangerous.

4. Interact With Customers

Sometimes what customers need is a little push to take action. Start interacting with your clients and, in the process, ask them to share their experience with their families, friends, or colleague.

It is an easy way to encourage word of mouth, which will not cost you even a dime. Make it a habit to appreciate your consumers and after they make the payment, ask them to express their experience.

5. Make It Easy To Leave a Review

Everyone is busy with their own issues in life. If you make it complicated for a customer to leave a review, most will ignore the process. Make it as easy as possible to avoid wasting your customers’ time.

6. Offer Incentives

Most small business owners never think of utilising this method to upgrade their businesses. Offering an incentive to every client who leaves a review will increase your productivity and improve customers’ numbers.

An incentive can be a discount, gift card, free upgrade or membership, cash, or swag like a t-shirt, cap, cup, and bag. This method may require some money, but it is the best way to pass the message quickly.

7. Associate Yourself with Influencers

In today’s world, people want to work with you, depending on your popularity. If you are an ordinary small business owner and want to grow your brand, it would help you associate yourself with influencers, especially those within your niche, to assist in your brand growth and popularity.

They could be influencers from your locality, church leaders, or well-known entrepreneurs whom people trust. These people can be your breakthrough point for your business. Something most small business owners overlook.

8. Public Relations

Public relations involves engaging media personalities in your business, such as journalists and bloggers, to help you promote your business. The media personalities will help you pass the message (word of mouth) without investing in it. You will get to improve your brand through exposure as well as gain credibility.

Public relations, however, is two-way traffic. For instance, if your business has a bad reputation, it will get negative reviews. To achieve the best results, ensure maintaining the industry’s best reputation to attract more people to your small business.

9. Share Reviews

Finally, sharing reviews is another way to encourage word of mouth. By sharing your customers reviews on social media platforms. We can call this a passive word of mouth method; the customers’ leave a review, and you take that as an opportunity to showcase to others.
You can share the reviews on FacebookTwitter or Instagram where the majority will get to see. Some will want to try on your products, and others might be thoroughly convinced and convert to a customer.

Final Verdict

The main issue is to make word of mouth effective, so always ensure your customers have something to talk about regarding your business. Once you do that and include the above nine tips to encourage word of mouth for your small business, the outcome will be positive.

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