13 Easy ways to get customer reviews for your small business

October 29, 2020

Trying to get Customers to Leave a Review

Are you are an entrepreneur or business owner struggling on getting your customers to leave a review on your website? It can seem like it takes a lot of effort and hard work to make your customers leave a review on a product they have purchased, or service received. Your aim as a small business owner in Australia is to make your customers happy with your services and products. Unfortunately, it is rare for a happy client to let you or others know they had a good experience when dealing with you, but unhappy clients will always let others know how unsatisfied they feel.

Don’t let this bring you down, below I have 13 valuable tips on how to make your customers leave a review for your business, hopefully, positive ones. Customer reviews play a vital role in every business, whether a small single person operation or a large company. They offer you as a business owner several benefits when customers leave a review on a product or service received from your business. What are some of these benefits? Keep reading to find out.

Benefits of a Positive Customer Review for your Small Business

There are lots of benefits to getting a customer review. Below are a 4 of the main reasons why should actively be pushing for your customers to leave a review. 

1. SEO Boost

The more customer reviews you have on your website, the higher you rank on Google search. It’s up to you as the business owner to work on getting as many reviews as possible to rank high on google.

2. Trust and confidence

Remember, as a small business owner; you are dealing with strangers. To build trust and confidence with your customers, you need some proof that what you offer is going to work. The best way to build trust with new customers is having reviews from your existing customers on your website.

3. Traffic

Nowadays, people research a products information online before they buy. With lots of reviews, your website will get a increase in traffic since most people will visit to see what you are offering.

4. Productivity

The more reviews you get, the more customers you will get. This means when you have lots of reviews, the more popular you get, and the more customers will want to use your products. As a result, your productivity increases, your business grows, and significantly you increase your income.

These are just a few of the benefits you enjoy as a business owner through customers reviews. Learn how to get your customers to leave a review on your website, mostly positive reviews here.

13 Tips on How to Make Your Customers Leave A Review

Before you start trying out these methods on getting more customer reviews, be sure to check the laws in Australia surrounding online reviews.

1. Ask Directly

This is the easiest and most effective method to make your customers leave a review. You can achieve this in several ways; for example, you encourage your employees to ask for a review every time a customer buys a product from your business. You could also try putting signage outside your business thanking your clients for choosing your store and asks them to leave a review. Customers feel good when you appreciate them, and for that, they will not hesitate to leave a review.

2. Offer A Discount

Everyone appreciates discounts on products purchased. You can take advantage of this to get reviews from your customers. For example, whenever a customer leaves a review on your website, send them a 5% or 10% discount for the next time they shop at your store. It will benefit both of you. The customer gets their deal, and you promote the business since the customer will have to come back to claim their discount.

3. Offer Incentives

Motivate your customers to leave a review by offering incentives. I know what is going on in your mind, is that not bribing? No. you are only encouraging them to leave a review, whether positive or negative that is different from bribing. For example, you can come up with a statement that says, “Review and get a free coupon.” It is upon the customer to decide whether to write a positive or negative review.

4. Use a Different Platform

Customers rarely visit company websites unless the need arises. You can reach out to them quickly to leave a review by using other platforms that most people see, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Ninety percent of the population visit these sites daily and when you use them your chances of getting reviews are higher.

5. Make The Process Easy For Your Clients

Make the process of leaving a review easy and direct. There should only be 2 steps for your customer to leave a review: click the link and submit the review. To achieve this, provide a link on your website, Facebook page, or Twitter account that will bring the customer directly to the reviewing page. Everyone is busy with their time, so make it as easy as you can to save your customers time.

6. Follow Up Texts And Emails

To get good results on this, send text messages and emails to your customers with the review link. After some time, for instance, two weeks, send another text or email reminding them to leave a review in case they forget the last time. It will earn you several reviews even if every customer doesn’t leave a review.

7. Give Bonus

Engage your employees to have customers leave a review. To achieve this, you can give them a commission for every customer who leaves a review under them. It will work as a motivational driver and they will be activity trying to get more.

8. Reply To Each Review

Replying to each review is another way to have your customers leave their reviews on your website. When a new customer see how much you appreciate their views, they will not hesitate to leave reviews every time they purchase something.

9. Share Reviews On Other Platforms

Share previous website reviews on other online platforms to encourage others to leave a review. This method will make other customers leave their reviews on a product or service they received.

10. Automate The Ask

There are lots of automation programs out there like Zapier which will trigger when a customer makes a purchase online. Set it up to have an automatic message that asks them to leave a review on their experience.

11. Pop Up Notifications

Most people would find this method annoying. However, it will work to your advantage at some point. Some will give the review to stop the pop-up, some will be a reminder, and they get to visit your website to see what is new.

12. Surveys

Ask your customers to fill out a survey concerning what they have experienced using your products. Use the survey to get customers review, which will help in your business.

13. Say Thank You

When a customer receives even a, “Thank you,” after buying a product in the store, they feel like they are part of the business. This will work to your advantage as the business owner, as some of them will be the ones to ask if they can give their reviews.

Other Ways to get Customer Reviews

I hope that these tips will work well with your business and you can get your customers to leave a review on your website.  Have we missed anything? Comment below if you have found a creative way to get your customers to leave you a review.

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