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77 Life-Changing Low Risk Small Business Ideas Australia.

Here is the list of life-changing small business ideas you can start in Australia. These ideas will work great if you are living in a rural area or a major city like Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.

Small Business Ideas Australia
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2 Here is the list of 77 life-changing low risk small business ideas Australia

Best Small Business Ideas Australia – Introduction

Here is the list of life-changing small business ideas you can start in Australia. These ideas will work great if you are living in a rural area or a major city like Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. More and more people are outsourcing these types of jobs and there is a huge demand that isn’t being met.

Scan this list and pick a few ideas that sound good to you. Do a bit of research on the current market in your area and decide if there is a gap in demand that you can fill. All of these small business ideas should have weak competition in Australia. The start up costs and the risk of failure are very low. If you put in the effort you will be successful.

The best thing about this list of small business ideas is you can start small. You don’t need to have a huge amount of money or experience in these industries. Once you get started you will start to see opportunites everywhere. After your business gets up and running you can start to grow.

f you have a bit of money to spend and time you can hunt for niche services which will give you a better return right off the bat. The more specialised the service you choose, the more profit you will make and your chance of succeeding will be higher.

None of these small business ideas are selling physical products. They are all services which you can add more value to over time. You can also avoid having to compete on price and the dreaded race to the bottom.  There is always people willing to pay a premium price for the best service in the quickest time. The part most of these industries struggle with is speed. Most small businesses in these industries can’t handle the amount of work available and have huge waiting times from 1-2 weeks. If you can deliver the same professional service quicker than that you could easily charge 50% – 100% more than your competitors.

If you are switched on and know how to use even the most basic computer software you will have a huge advantage over your competitors. Most of the well established small businesses in these industries are run by older people who don’t have the tech skills to send quotes quickly. They don’t know the value of having software to track jobs and manage their employees and won’t hire someone who can help them.

Here is the list of 77 life-changing low risk small business ideas Australia

This list will be continually updated in the future.

Lawn Mowing Small Business Idea

1. Lawn Mowing Business

A lawn mowing business is not something that many people think of turning into a full time small business in Australia. Almost every single person who owns a house has a lawn and a lot of commercial properties have some form of lawn as well. The opportunities are endless to make money with a lawn care business in Australia.

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Garden Pruning and Hedge Trimming Business

2. Garden Pruning and Hedge Trimming Business

One of the important tasks of garden maintenance in Australia is pruning and trimming of trees. You can charge up to $1,500 for hedge trimming depending on the size and length of the hedge and the condition it is in. 

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Landscaping Business

3. Landscaping Business

It doesn’t cost much money to start a small landscaping and gardening business in Australia. All you need is a ute or van, a lawn mower and some small hand tools. The work you take on can range from basic lawn maintenance to detailed design projects.

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Pest Control Business

4. Pest Control Business

Starting a pest control business in Australia will be very profitable. Most small pest control business owners make over $80,000 a year. There will always be pests getting into peoples homes and those people need someone to get rid of them. 

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Firewood Delivery Business

5. Firewood Delivery Business

The only things you need to start up a firewood delivery business in Australia is a place to store bulk amounts of cut wood and a large enough vehicle to deliver it. You don’t even have to cut it yourself. Just buy firewood in bulk from a lumber mill and sell it on to the customer. This completely cuts out the hard labour.

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Residential House Painting Business

6. Residential House Painting Business

A house painting business can be pretty cheap to start up in Australia. All you need is some paint, a ladder, covers and the brushes to put the paint on the walls. You could easily get everything you need for under $1000 and start selling your services.

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Pressure Washing and Concrete Cleaning Business

7. Pressure Washing and Concrete Cleaning Business

Starting a pressure washing business and concrete cleaning business in Australia can almost never go wrong. You don’t need any special certificates and the training will take you very little time. The upfront expenses are very low, all you need is a good quality pressure washer to get started. Once you are up and running there isn’t really much more you will need.

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Vacation Rental or Airbnb Management Business

8. Vacation Rental or Airbnb Management Business

the vacation rental industry is taking off in Australia with more people than ever renting out their homes on Airbnb. Offering to manage all the work that is involved with renting a property can be very profitable. Running a vacation rental or Airbnb management business in Australia involves finding new rentals, looking after the day to day workings of the rentals, advertising and actually renting out these homes to travellers. 

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Mobile Car Detailing and Washing Business

9. Mobile Car Detailing and Washing Business

There is an endless amount of people around you who have nice cars that are dirty and they have no time to take them to a car detailer. By being mobile and coming straight to them you are providing a highly valuable service. A one-person mobile car detailing and washing business in Australia can make over $90,000 per year. All you need to get started is cleaning products and a car to get around.

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Mobile Car Mechanic Small Business Idea Australia

10. Mobile Car Mechanic Business

Australia has huge lengths of highway all over the country where people can break down. Mobile mechanics make car repairing jobs easier by offering mobile repairs at your home, workplace, or anywhere else you might be having car troubles. From checks and oil change to complete vehicle servicing, skilled car mechanics in Australia bring equipment right to the spot where your car breaks down, saving a huge amount on a towing service. You can start a mobile car mechanic business to offer customers the convenience a normal mechanic shop cant.

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Window Cleaning Small Business Idea Australia

11. Window Cleaning Business

Starting a window cleaning business in Australia is an absolutely great venture for those who wish to be their own boss. You can start this business in Australia without a huge establishment cost. You just need is few simple tools, equipment and get insured. Follow the latest window cleaning technology to offer the best-quality services. Switching to window cleaning can be your next great career move, go for it today.

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Tree Trimming Small Business Idea Australia

12. Tree Trimming Business

Tree trimming and removal service is a growing business trend in Australia. You can tap into this huge industry and start making money by getting some professional tree-care training and knowledge. You might need a license to legally start a tree trimming business in Australia. But, once you have it, you get the green light to help home owners with trimming, pruning, branch & stump removal, and tree maintenance. If you love tree trimming and climbing, this could be the business for you.

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Irrigation Small Business Ideas Australia

13. Irrigation Business

Irrigation or watering systems is a basic need for most home owners in Australia. You can start an irrigation business and charge customers to install watering systems on their farm land, parks, fields, and home lawns. It is a solid and advantageous business in Australia, and you can make huge profits by going for this option. With the right knowledge and skills, you can start this money-making business right away.

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Holiday and Event Decoration Small Business Ideas Australia

14. Holiday and Event Decoration Business

Holiday and event decoration is one of the hottest businesses to opt for in Australia. If you are artistic enough and enjoy decorating, then this could be the life changing business for you. All you need to do is get some handy tools, and make the home exteriors and interiors festive. The business doesn’t require high investments and is a seasonal work to make Holiday and event decoration is one of the hottest businesses to start in Australia. If you are artistic enough and enjoy decorating, then this could be the life changing business for you. All you need to do is get some handy tools, and make the home exteriors and interiors festive. The business doesn’t require high investments and is seasonal work, but you can also decorate for events such as birthdays, weddings, engagements and much more to make big money.

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Pool Cleaning Small Business Idea

15. Pool and Spa Cleaning Business

Pool and spa cleaning is a solid, profitable market in Australia. With more than 2 million residential pools, Australia can be the best place to take your business off the ground. Once you get the business technicalities and right knowledge, you can start out making enough money. All you require is some advanced products and equipment to be a part of this pool cleaning industry.

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Deck Staining Small Business

16. Deck Staining Business

Restoring and staining decks is the right choice to make home exteriors beautiful. Be it a porch, backyard, entrance, or garden area, decks should be neat and clean always. Deck staining is one of the budding businesses in Australia, and you can make considerable profits from this business. If you have the experience, knowledge, passion, and the right tools, this business is definitely a go.

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Gutter Cleaning Small Business Idea

17. Gutter Cleaning Business

Gutter cleaning is a profitable opportunity for those who wish to earn more money in a short period. Because it is a seasonal business in Australia, the demand can be extremely high sometimes. You can opt for this business, if you have necessary equipment, techniques, and passion to do this dirty-dangerous job. There are endless opportunities in gutter cleaning business in Australia.

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Maid Service Small Business Idea

18. Maid Services Business

House chores are tiresome, especially for office working people. They tend to hire someone to assist them with the tasks. It is a booming business in Australia, and it may be a perfect choice starting a maid services business.

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Carpet Cleaning Small Business

19. Carpet Cleaning Business

Nowadays, carpets have become a necessity in every home. Meaning carpet-cleaning business is in high demand. You might need to take advantage of the opportunity by asking people to hire you to clean their carpets. You can start with practically zero cents, as it is an affordable business.

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Graffiti Removal Small Business

20. Graffiti Removal Business

The graffiti removal business is a business associated with removing unwanted graffiti from buildings and other surfaces. It requires less capital to start since you will only need to purchase a pressure washing machine and paint to repaint the area.

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Mould Removal Small Business Idea

21. Mould Removal Business

The mould removal business involves working on the disasters that floods cause. With the current natural disasters happening, one needs adequate preparations in case something happens. It is a perfect idea to start a mould removal business, as it is an ideal business to earn your income in Australia.

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Water Damage Restoration Small Business Ideas Australia

22. Water Damage Restoration Business

Water pipe bursting is an everyday occurrence in most homes. The damage it causes needs fixing, and that is where you come in. with a water damage restoration business, you will assist in resolving the damage; in return, you earn a living. It is an excellent business since you can operate it from the comfort of your home.

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Fire Damage Restoration Small Business Ideas Australia

23. Fire Damage Restoration Business

The fire damage restoration business is a business you can operate from home. It involves assisting those affected by the fire to repair the damage caused. Small fire accidents are likely to happen, so you will most likely find people you can help restore the damage. Also, you can put some preventive measures to protect such an incident from reoccurring.

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Home Odour Removal Small Business Ideas Australia

24. Home Odour Removal Business

Home odours are a common thing having caused by dust, smoke, pet odours, and trash. Now and then, people want to remove these odours to keep their houses fresh. Starting a home odour removal business can be an excellent idea. You get to employ yourself; all you need are the equipment necessary for the job.

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Interior Painting Small Business Ideas Australia

25. Interior Painting Business

Unlike the exterior painting, interior painting needs more focus and attention. You need to consider colours that will enhance enough like, appealing, and match with other equipment such as chairs, curtains, and carpet. You need to have enough experience before starting an interior painting business.

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Exterior Painting  Small Business Ideas Australia

26. Exterior Painting Business

External painting involves covering the outside walls of a building with paint, whereby you can use several colours to bring out the theme anticipated. As an exterior painter, take advantage of the opportunity by opening an exterior painting business, and it is a decision you will never regret as this business is in high demand in Australia, especially on commercial buildings

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Interior Design Small Business Ideas Australia

27. Interior Design Business

Interior design involves decorating a house or office from the inside, starting from walls, household equipment, and lighting facilities. To start an interior design business, you need specific skills to bring out your clients’ tastes and preferences to their satisfaction.

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Home Office Fit Out Small Business Idea

28. Home Office Fit Out Business

Most people have a problem with rental spaces since they appear smaller in most cases, and it isn’t easy to arrange them. You can start a home office fit-out business where you will be assisting people in organising their luggage in a manner they can fit in that small space. It’s no secret a lot of people suffer from this kind of problem. If you offer your services, you will be helping them feel more comfortable, and in return, they will be willing to pay a reasonable price for the service.

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Mirror Installation Small Business Ideas Australia

29. Mirror Installation Business

Mirrors have several functions when installed. They give light as decoration, and when opened, they allow fresh air. This shows how essential mirrors are, so why not take advantage and start a mirror installation business if you possess the right skills. It can be a profitable business with high demand.

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Custom Lighting Installation Small Business Ideas Australia

30. Custom Lighting Installation Business

Who does not love good lighting, whether it is indoor or outdoor lighting? The lighting installation business involves fixing light bulbs and tubes to enhance good lighting when dark. Opening a custom lighting installation business is an excellent idea since many people have zero knowledge of installing.

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Custom Wallpaper Installation Small Business Ideas Australia

31. Custom Wallpaper Installation Business

Custom wallpaper installation business involves the covering of walls with wallpapers using your designs. If you are an interior designer, this is an excellent opportunity for you as most people love beautiful houses. You can offer your services by installing wallpapers that suit their preferences.

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Garage Door Service and Installation Small Business Ideas Australia

32. Garage Door Service and Installation Business

A garage door service and installation business involve installing new garage doors, repairing, replacing existing doors, and requiring large capital to start. If you are thinking of creating such a business, you need to prepare yourself psychologically and financially. However, once you start, it can give good returns, and it is less competitive as not many people have the knowledge nor capabilities to start the same business.

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Gate and Keypad Entry Installation Small Business Ideas Australia

33. Gate and Keypad Entry Installation Business

Security is essential; hence, every homestead contains a gate. With the appropriate knowledge of installing gate and keypad entry, you can start a gate and keypad entry installation business. It is a good business with less competition and highly profitable.All you need a handyman experience to operate this business. Your clients can be homeowners, real estate agents, small or large firms; hence, operations flexibility is essential. Quality of service delivery will determine the growth and expansion of your business. Ensure to purchase materials needed from reputable suppliers to avoid malfunction of the systems and low reviews from clients.

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Cabinet Making and Refurbishing Small Business Ideas Australia

34. Cabinet Making and Refurbishing Business

There is a high demand in cabinet making and refurbishing services caused by the rise in remodelling buildings and constructing new ones; hence the business can be very profitable. The start-up cost depends on the buying price of tools, the workshop, trucks, and advertising costs. You can minimise the amount of capital needed by looking for an affordable workshop and buying only the essential tools and equipment.

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Aquarium Installation Small Business Ideas Australia

35. Aquarium Installation Business

The business involves setting up the aquarium, cleaning, maintaining, and feeding the fish. Some clients only need assistance for the aquarium to be set up, while others need assistance to clean it and feed the fish. Ensure you learn more about business and offer help to the customers since most are clueless. Start your business with friends, neighbour’s, colleagues, or relatives as clients and advance to small businesses later as the business grows. Doing this enhances your skills.

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Pet Grooming Small Business

36. Pet Grooming Business

Pet grooming services are in high demand, and it keeps on increasing. Pet grooming is a very profitable business for anyone offering great service. It needs one to be skilled and experienced in the field. You must be reliable because clients want someone trustworthy to care for their pets. Get to learn how to look after pets, understand their needs, feed them, and keep them safe. Learn these skills ensures that you will offer great services to your customers.

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Pet Minding Small Business Ideas Australia

37. Pet Minding Business

Pet minding is an excellent business if you want to venture into the animal industry. It is also quite profitable because of the rising demand for pet sitters. It can start as a small business, and you can eventually expand as the business grows. Pet minding business requires one to be skilled and experienced in taking care of animals. It would be best if you learn how to feed, clean and treat them. Pets are delicate animals that need protection and love. Ensure you know more about taking care of animals before you start the business

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Private Investigating Small Business Ideas Australia

38. Private Investigating Business

A private investigating business involves assisting people in legal, financial, and personal matters. In case you want to start such a business, one needs to know how to run these fields to avoid unlawful acts and give the clients the best services. The structure of the company can be a corporation or a Limited Liability Company. Consider setting up a legal entity to avoid personal liability with the law.

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Manned Home Security Services Small Business Ideas Australia

39. Manned Home Security Services Business

If you have been in the security or military sectors before, this is the perfect business for you to run. You have the skills needed to handle any threats that come in people’s way and possess knowledge of where many risks occur and how to avoid them. It would help if you focused on putting your clients at ease by offering the maximum security quality and being reliable. Consider targeting big business entities and event organisers as your primary clients to gain popularity. Train your staff to be honest and responsible for maintaining a good reputation in the market.

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Moving  Services Small Business Ideas Australia

40. Moving Business

Unlike many businesses, the transportation industry does not need many skills. Strength, reliability, integrity, and flexibility are the vital values in running the business. You do not need a warehouse or big trucks; instead, use a small van to carry the luggage. You can even call for in house moving services. In that case, no need for a vehicle for transportation, only the strength, and energy to carry the furniture. Furthermore, many people worldwide prefer getting moving services from smaller entities because they are less expensive than big companies. Offering cheap services will still be profitable because you did not start the business with large capital.

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Smart Home Installation Small Business Ideas Australia

41. Smart Home Installation Business

If you are thinking of starting a smart home installation business, then you should make sure to come up with a good business plan. It is a great business idea since technology is taking over the world, and nobody wants to be left behind; hence you have a wide range of potential markets for your services. Make sure to familiarise yourself with technology to deliver quality services. However, you might need a higher amount of capital to start the company compared to other firms.

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Home Cinema Installation Small Business Ideas Australia

42. Home Cinema Installation Business

It is important to socialise with people who are currently running this business to learn how it is run, performed, and maintained. You will learn how to profit from it as well as its shortcomings. Hire a qualified business broker to assist in choosing a suitable location, the right materials, and set up at a cost-friendly price.

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Irrigation System Installation Small Business Ideas Australia

43. Irrigation System Installation Business

From farmers to homeowners to commercial businesses, all these places require adequate watering systems. Water is essential to humans’ day-to-day life. Starting an Irrigation System Installation Business would be a lifesaver to many. The business has high chances for growth and offers great profits.

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Acoustic Sound Proofing Installation Small Business Ideas Australia

44. Acoustic Sound Proofing Installation Business

The acoustic soundproofing installation involves the prevention of sound to penetrate through the walls or roof. Many people love to listen to loud music, especially youngsters. At times, the noise becomes irritating to the neighbours. If you have the skills on how to soundproof a room, it would be excellent starting an acoustic soundproofing installation business as you will be saving many people.

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Boat Cleaning Small Business Ideas Australia

45. Boat Cleaning Business

Most boat owners enjoy the luxury that it comes with it, but it becomes a different case when it comes to cleaning. For this significant reason, if you have the skills as a boat cleaner, you think of investing in the boat cleaning business, this is a perfect time. An advantage of the business is it does not have high competition, and the profits are high.

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Boat Repair and Maintenance Small Business Ideas Australia

46. Boat Repair and Maintenance Business

Most people who own boats mostly have zero knowledge when it comes to service and repairs. As a boat mechanic, this would be an excellent opportunity to earn a living. The boat repair and maintenance business can be very profitable, mainly because the competition is low.

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Caravan and Motorhome Cleaning Small Business Ideas Australia

47. Caravan and Motorhome Cleaning Business

Starting a caravan & motorhome cleaning business is very cheap. It is a business that takes less than 20hrs weekly. Plus, it offers good returns. All you need is to talk to your neighbours who own one caravan or motorhome, and you are good to go. The business does not require any certification, hence suitable for everyone.

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Mobile Oil Change Small Business Ideas Australia

48. Mobile Oil Change Business

Mobile oil change business is a business with a ready market. It involves providing quick oil changes and basic automotive services at clients sites. Starting a mobile company may earn you handsomely. So get your hands dirty for a good course.

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Mobile Tyre Sales and Service Small Business Ideas Australia

49. Mobile Tyre Sales and Service Business

Tyre sales and service business is a profitable business in Australia. Most people own vehicles, and with the wear and tear of tyres, it makes the tyre and service business more popular. Mobile businesses have an advantage since they do not have to worry about rent and space.

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Mobile Glass Repair Small Business Ideas Australia

50. Mobile Glass Repair Business

Glass-made commodities are fragile and require repair now and then. If your capabilities allow you to repair glass properties, it is high time to create the business. Use your passion to generate income as well as grow your career

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Locksmith  Small Business Ideas Australia

51. Locksmith Business

A locksmith business involves designing, fixing, and repairing of locks. Every building contains doors. This makes the locksmith business very lucrative and profitable. If you dream of starting such a business, you are on the right track.

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Private Event Bartending Small Business Ideas Australia

52. Private Event Bartending Business

70% of the adult population consumes alcohol. Compared to the number of parties held monthly, alcohol consumption is at a high rate. Starting a private event bartending business is profitable, plus you get a chance to meet with more experienced people who will guide you through the company.

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Catering Small Business Ideas Australia

53. Catering Business

Are you a foodie? The catering business is the most lucrative in Australia. Most people enjoy a well-prepared dish instead of tiring themselves cooking. If you are passionate about cooking, the catering business is the idea you need to implement. The company has high growth potential.

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Food Truck Small Business Ideas Australia

54. Specialty Food Truck Business

The food truck business is booming in every Australian city. Being a mobile food business, you can attract many customers hence a good return on investment. The estimation profit of specialty food truck business is $600 million annually.

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Private Event DJ Small Business Ideas Australia

55. Private Event DJ Business

Most people love to host private parties and make them lively and memorable. Birthday parties, graduation parties, and wedding parties. You are an experienced DJ who has a dream of starting a private DJ business. Take advantage and start your business as a personal event DJ. The business is profitable; you can pursue it as a lifetime career.

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Event Management Small Business Ideas Australia

56. Event Management Business

Are you passionate about designs? Do you love to decorate? It is your moment to turn your passion into a source of income. Event management businesses are the talk of the town in Australia. Take advantage and start offering your services.

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Photography Small Business Ideas Australia

57. Photography Business

Do you love taking pictures? That’s all you need to implement and start a photography business. You can start the business as a part-time job then later pursue it as a career. Doing what you love with passion offers you greater returns. Connect with people who plan events such as weddings and parties and offer your services.

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Videography Small Business Ideas Australia

58. Videography Business

Perhaps you are tired of working from 9-5 doing the same thing over and over. Probably your passion is camera related stuff. Think of starting a videography business. It requires less capital to create and easy to launch.

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Photo Booth Rental Small Business

59. Photo Booth Rental Business

With all the events happening lately, from birthday parties, weddings, family gatherings, and other parties, starting a photo booth rental business would be a perfect idea. From recent research conducted, photo booth rental companies charge a fee of $1000 per hire. You will not only improve your income, but also you will become your boss. The photo booth rental business is an excellent business idea.

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Portable Toilet Rental Small Business Ideas Australia

60. Portable Toilet Rental Business

When you eat, digestion is going to take place. After digestion, what happens next? Yes, this happens to everyone. So your idea of starting a porta potty rental business might be the solution to most people. In Australia, you hardly miss a weekend without a party. It could be a wedding, birthday celebration, or a graduation party. Take advantage of all these events to rent out toilets.

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On Demand Cleanup Crew Small Business Ideas Australia

61. On Demand Cleanup Crew Business

Everyone loves a tidy place, whether at home or at the office. Unfortunately, not so many people want to do the cleaning work. Your idea of starting a cleaning business will be an excellent opportunity for you and the customers. It can offer good returns when you know how to connect with people and be great at what you do. In Australia, the cleaning business is popular with diverse options to choose from, for example, warehouses, houses, offices, retail shops, and storefronts.

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Hiking Tours Small Business Ideas Australia

62. Hiking Tours Business

Starting a tour company is profitable and rewarding, however it requires dedication, commitment, persistence, and importantly passion. A hiking business is not costly to startup and you get to meet new friends on the way. The advantage with this business is most people enjoy a weekend hike after a long week to relax their minds.

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Biking Tours Small Business Ideas Australia

63. Biking Tours Business

Are you an adventurous person? Do you enjoy going on a touring on a bike? Starting a bike tour company might be a good fit for you. You can choose to either rent out the bikes to tourists or hire a tour guide who can guide the tourists around.

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Mobile Haircutting Small Business Ideas Australia

64. Mobile Haircuts Business

In most cases, you find hairdressers working as barbers. Hairdressing and barbering businesses go hand in hand. They both deal with hair the only difference is that earlier; it is for making hair long and latter for shortening. You can work as a mobile hairdresser and cut hair at the same time.

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Mobile Makeup Small Business Ideas Australia

65. Mobile Makeup Business

A mobile makeup business has the same benefits as a mobile hair business. You save on rent and utilities, build relationships, and work during your own time. Working as a mobile makeup artist in Australia, you are likely to earn an average of $600 monthly.

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Mobile Hair Styling Small Business Ideas Australia

66. Mobile Hair Styling Business

Hair dressing businesses are on high demand in Australia. Working as a hair stylist can be tiresome because you spend most of the time standing. Starting a mobile hairstyling business allows you to plan on attending to your clients and when to take a rest. The portable hair styling business has several advantages such as profitability; you will not have to worry about the rent, flexibility, follow your work schedule, and build relationships with clients.

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Mobile Massage Small Business Ideas Australia

67. Mobile Massage Business

The increase in massage services in Australia is impeccable. If you are a massage therapist, you need to take advantage of the opportunity to utilise your ability and do what you love. A mobile massage business saves you the hustle of rent payment monthly and allows you to meet more clients.

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Mobile Pedicure and Nails  Small Business Ideas Australia

68. Mobile Pedicure and Nails Business

Nowadays, not only ladies but also men want to look stunning. They enjoy having their nails done and some pedicure occasionally. The pedicure and nail business idea in Australia would do wonders, especially when it is a mobile business. The most significant advantage of a mobile pedicure and nail business is, you can save much. You do not pay rent, and you have high chances of finding customers.

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Personal Training Small Business Ideas Australia

69. Personal Training Business

Does your dream involve owning a personal training business, such as a gym? You are on the right track. In Australia, this is a popular business that consists of helping people to become fit and healthy. Imagine doing what you love and witnessing other people’s progress; it can be very fulfilling.

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Pet Training Small Business Ideas Australia

70. Pet Training Business

Pets are charming and adorable. Who wouldn’t their pet to be friendly, disciplined, and communicative? In Australia, almost every home owns a pet. A pet training business can be fascinating training people’s pets according to their specifications. Starting a pet training business makes you be your boss.

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Personal Stylist Small Business Ideas Australia

71. Personal Style Consulting Business

Perhaps you are passionate about fashion, make-up, and hair, creating a personal style consulting business would be an excellent idea. Most people, especially women in Australia, love a good sense of style and requires someone who can guide them on how to be stylish. It is a booming business that pays well.

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Fence Installation Small Business Ideas Australia

72. Fence Installation Business

The fence installation business is a booming business in Australia. If you enjoy working outdoors and care about other people’s security, then the fence installation business is fit for you. Moreover, security is not the only reason for fencing; beauty can as well be a reason. There are those people who fence their homes in seasons for beauty purposes. All you will do is get contracts with homeowners and corporations, and your business will grow within a short period.

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Auger Boring Small Business Ideas Australia

73. Auger Boring Business

Starting an auger boring business in Australia is expensive. You need to have the required skills and knowledge to handle the business. Plus, purchasing machines need a lot of capital. The advantage of auger boring business is, once you set up your company, clients are readily available, which means it is a profitable business.

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Drone Pilot Small Business Ideas Australia

74. Drone Pilot Business

Roofers use drones to assess roofing conditions; content creators require drones to make videos; farmers use drones to observe crop progress, especially in large farms. Most importantly, during weddings, people use drones to capture the happy event for future reference. Becoming a full-time drone pilot in Australia is a good idea.

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Bookkeepinng  Small Business Ideas Australia

75. Bookkeeping Business

If you are perfect in numbers, then consider starting a bookkeeping business. Most businesses in Australia require bookkeepers. Opening a bookkeeping business, you will be advertising your services to clients. Despite the company taking much of your time, you will be earning a good figure. An Australian bookkeeper charges an average rate of $60-$65 per service hour.

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Skip Bin Rental Small Business Ideas Australia

76. Skip Bin Rental Business

Living in an untidy place can be very dangerous. You are exposing yourself to diseases and unhealthy living. Skip bin rental business in Australia is very beneficial to homeowners and businesses. Most companies, such as Industrial companies, mining companies, and logging companies, prefer to use skip bin services to eliminate waste materials. These services are highly appreciated, and it makes it an excellent idea to start such a business.

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Flat Pack Furniture Building Small Business Ideas Australia

77. Flat Pack Furniture Building Business

Not so many people know how to deal with screws and nuts. Starting a flat-pack furniture building business in Australia can be very profitable. For one, most people prefer to purchase ready-made furniture. Another reason, it is easy to build; hence you can manage to make several flat park furniture in a day. Plus, it comes in different designs and colours, which will give you more customers.

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Simple Steps to Determine Google Rankings for Your Site

Simple Steps to Determine Google Rankings for Your Site

Knowing where your website ranks on Google for the keywords you’re targeting is essential to developing your SEO strategy. Besides, knowing where you rank compared to your competitors enables you to keep an eye on any emerging trends and changes within your niche.


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