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Hosting and Support for Business Owners
Getting a website developed is only the first part of what you will need to get your business online.
We offer Australian hosting and back end technical support for small business owners.

Small business website hosting and support

Having a good hosting service is one of the most important features for your small business website. Without a fast server located in Australia your website will be slow to load, costing you potential customers. We host all of our customers websites on high speed Linode servers, located in Sydney guaranteeing you the highest load times for your website from anywhere in Australia.

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Australian hosting and support

We provide ongoing management and maintenance to your website after it has been created. Our Australian servers are located in Sydney and will give you the reliability and speed needed to outclass your competitors. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that no matter where your visitors are in Australia, your website will load quickly.

High speed Australian severs

By using only the best Australian servers we can guarantee fast loading times and amazing customer support. We use Linode for our hosting provider who have amazing staff available 24/7 to provide support for any technical issues that arise.

Premium hosting

Having a slow website will greatly impact the experience of your customers and has a huge impact on how well your website is able to rank on search engines. With our premium hosting provider your customers will enjoy high speeds and an affordable price.

Domain names

We offer the option of managing your domain name and DNS records so that you never have to worry about any of the difficult technical aspects of web hosting.

Expert technical support

Our expert technical support team are always available to help with any issues that may arise with your web hosting. Simply give us a call or send an email and we will be happy to assist you.

Our web hosting features

Linode Website Hosting

Website Hosting

We set up your new website hosting plan on our lighting fast Sydney based servers.
Love It Guarantee

Security Certificate

We protect your website domain with a powerful encrypted SSL Security Certificate.
Domain Name

Domain Names

We register your business domain name plan and hook it all up to your new website.
Ongoing Website Support

Ongoing Support

You can always get in touch with us if you need help with your hosting. Our support team will be able to solve any problems you have.
Email Address

Email Address

We set up all of your new email address plan to link with your business domain name.
Happy To Help

Fast Loading

Our websites are optimised to be lighting fast and most pages will load in under 3 seconds.

Web hosting services

Focus your time on growing your business and let us handle all the hassles of web hosting. Our fully managed hosting service is perfect for business websites and online stores. With excellent performance, reliability and 24/7 technical support. Our web hosting service are the perfect choice for any business looking for a new website.

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WordPress Hosting

Our hosting is built to be used with WordPress and WooCommerce. Grow your website with your business without any server related issues. Our state of the art fully managed web hosting includes the latest in website caching technology to give you the performance and speed needed to out perform your competitors.

Performance monitoring

We are constantly checking our servers performance to make sure it is running correctly and properly utilising resources as required.

Top rated security

Our top rated security system protects your website 24 hours a day with the latest firewall protection. Our hosting services also provide your website with protection against spam and bot attacks that can slow down your website.

Unmatched performance

Our caching system provides your site with better WordPress speed and performance than any other system.

Free Migration

We will transfer your website from any other web host to our hosting for free without worrying about breaking it on the way. Let us handle the complicated task of transferring your website to a new host.

Customer reviews

KC Web Design Port Macquarie
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"Very efficient and productive service, managed to get everything we wanted done for a reasonable price and very promptly. Highly recommend KC web design."

"KC Web Design listened to our thoughts and business plan then created a Website and online sales package that is innovative and functional."

"I have used KC web design on many levels for both my needs and the needs of my clients and have had exceptional results. They listen, care and deliver."

Recent work

Engine Carbon Solutions

Engine Carbon Solutions

Specialists in restoring performance and efficiency to all internal combustion engines and exhaust after treatment systems.

Engine Carbon Solutions

Specialists in restoring performance and efficiency to all internal combustion engines and exhaust after treatment systems.

Your web hosting questions answered

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting in simple terms is the place where all your websites files are stored and sent to people who visit your website. Hosting is required to keep your website online and every single website on the internet is hosted on a server somewhere.

How much does it cost for website hosting?

Good website hosting costs a bit more than cheaper alternatives but the difference in what you get is huge. Our hosting packages start from as low as $25 a month and our servers are located in Australia, not overseas like most of our competitors.

Can I host my own website?

You can host your own website using your own computer. However unless you are an extremely technical person you will not be able to maintain the server. You are also running the risk of having your website hacked due to poor security and if the power goes out at your home, your website will go offline.

Can I buy a domain name without hosting?

Domain names and website hosting are completely seperate things but both are required to keep your website online. We offer full management for domain names and website hosting for our clients. This takes the stress out of managing your website and lets you focus on whats important – growing your own business.

What is difference between domain and hosting?

A simple way to understand the difference between a domain name and website hosting is to think of it like this: A domain name is like the address of your business, you give this to a customer so they can come visit you. Website hosting is like the inside of your business, its holds all the products and services you want to offer to your customers.

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