Free 5 point website health check

A well-designed website can increase the number customers and sales you attract, but it also needs to be easy to use. Do you know how well your website is performing?
Website Health Check

This free 5 point website health check includes:

How your website rates on Google
We will look at how well your content is doing, check for crawl errors and we'll analyse the backlinks to see if any of them are broken or pointing to bad pages.
The speed of your website
The speed of your website directly impacts how long most visitors will stay on your page. We check how quickly your website loads with our speed testing tools. 
The accessibility of your website
We check to make sure that your website is working correctly on all the different devices your visitors are using.
Easy ways to improve user experience
We find ways that you are able to easily improve the layout and navigation of your website to increase the amount of leads and sales you get.
Health check audit report
We will provide you with a full report on the health of your website with suggestions on how to fix and improve any issues we have found.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check website errors?
There are many services available that can check your website for errors and find ways to improve various web pages. Google Webmaster Tools lets you to identify any page or link with errors, scan for malicious content, find pages with short titles, find pages without titles, find pages with missing or duplicated meta tags, and many other things.
How do I check the speed of my website?
Pingdom tools is a great tool that helps you see how long it takes for pages to load. You should use this tool if you want to make sure that your site loads quickly.
How do I find broken images on my website?
Broken images are detected by using special services. You can then replace, remove or restore them. Null references lead to decreased site position in search results, so it is important to identify them as soon as possible.
How do you check if a website is overloaded?
Your website can become overloaded for any of the following reasons:

1. Sudden spikes in site traffic can cause your server to crash. Concert tickets going on sale causes your website to crash. Your business' reputation can last long after the spike in traffic.

2. A server is down. You should check if there is any problem with the server. If you can't fix the issue, then you need to contact the support team.

3. Computer viruses or worms are harmful programs that infect your computer. A large scale infection can cause abnormal traffic patterns that disrupt normal operations.

4. DoS or DDoS attacks are used by hackers to make servers unavailable for their intended users. Hacking is done by sending out false requests to the server. This causes the server to deny the real requests.
How can I check the health of my website?
Here are some web design health checks you can do yourself to help you improve online performance:

1. Use page speed test tools to check if your site is loading quickly or not.

2. Run the Google mobile-friendly test tool

3. Get a website score for SEO and usability

4. Check your website for broken links

5. Check website performance with Google Analytics