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Pay Per Click Ads for Business Owners
Want to start promoting your business online but don’t know what to do?
We create Pay Per Click Ads for small business owners all over Australia.

The power of pay per click ads

Google accounts for more than 90% of all searches performed online in Australia every day. You need to be on the first page of Google if you want customers to visit your website. Our Google Pay Per Click Ads campaigns are the quickest way to get exactly who you want visiting your website. We can create a advertising campaign to target your ideal customer and you only have to pay when they click.

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The quickest way to get website traffic

While search engine optimisation can be better for your business in the long run, the results are not instant and can take months or even years to start taking effect. The biggest benefit of Pay Per Click Ads is that the results are instant. Once our team turns on the Google Ads campaign your website will immediately start getting traffic. By doing keyword research for your industry we can make sure that you get the most value for your money.

High quality leads specifically targeted

When it comes to getting traffic on your website its all about the quality over the quantity. We personalise each Google Ads campaign for the specific business. Doing this guarantees that only customers looking for your products and services visit your website. Pay Per Click Ads lets us create campaigns that are shown to people based on what they search, where they are located, their age, gender and much more.

Only pay when someone clicks

The best part of using pay per click ads for your marketing campaign is that you only pay when someone actually clicks and visits your website. You get to show up on the front page of Google and not pay anything until someone clicks. This makes pay per click ads a must for any business looking to promote themselves online. We have created successful online advertising campaigns for businesses all over Australia and every industry and generated millions of dollars in revenue for them along the way.

Our pay per click ads features

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

We find high performing keywords related to your business that your potential customers are searching for.
Keyword Targeting

Keyword Targeting

Once we know which keywords are being searched for we then perform on-page SEO on your website to target them.
Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

We research what your competition is doing and make sure that your pay per click ads are set up to outperform them.
Fast Loading

Spend Less

Pay per click ads are the most affordable way to promote your business online and let you set your own advertising budget.
Easy to Work With

Easy to Work With

Our friendly team of marketing experts are easy to work with and here to answer any questions you have.
We Handle Everything

Fully Managed

We manage everything from content to keyword research when it comes to your pay per click ads campagin.

Pay per click ads that deliver

Targeting customers who are searching for what you are selling using pay per click ads will give you a huge increase in sales. Google pay per click ads will immediately start sending real specifically targeted traffic to your website. Our Google Ads management packages are tailor made for your business.

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Personalised strategy

We create a pay per click ads strategy that is personalised for your business. We target your ideal customer when they are searching for what you are selling and get your website shown on the front page of Google. We research your customers to figure out what triggers them to make a purchase from you.

Fully managed campaigns

Our pay per click ads campaign managers handle everything for you. They make sure all the keywords in your campaign are performing correctly and remove any underperforming keywords. By continuing to monitor, evaluate and tweak your campaign we are able to consistently get you real results for your business.

Transparent monthly reporting

We give you a monthly report on how your campaign is performing. This lets you measure your marketing budget and make sure that the campaign is worth your spend. We can tell you stats on people seeing your ads such as age, gender, time of day, location and much more.

Customer reviews

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"Very efficient and productive service, managed to get everything we wanted done for a reasonable price and very promptly. Highly recommend KC web design."

"KC Web Design listened to our thoughts and business plan then created a Website and online sales package that is innovative and functional."

"I have used KC web design on many levels for both my needs and the needs of my clients and have had exceptional results. They listen, care and deliver."

Recent work

Engine Carbon Solutions

Engine Carbon Solutions

Specialists in restoring performance and efficiency to all internal combustion engines and exhaust after treatment systems.

Engine Carbon Solutions

Specialists in restoring performance and efficiency to all internal combustion engines and exhaust after treatment systems.

Your pay per click ads questions answered

How much do pay per click ads cost?

Pay per click ads costs will vary depending on how competitive your industry is. Costs per click can range anywhere from 30 cents all the way up to $50. There is no way to know what it will cost until you do some research on the industry you are trying to advertise in. However the more niche your industry is generally the lower the cost.

Are pay per click ads worth it?

For most businesses pay per click ads are an excellent investment. A successful pay per click ads campaign should give an average of 4x return on ad spend. This means that for every $1 you spend advertising you are aiming to make $4 back.

Do pay per click ads really work?

Pay per click ads are a great option for businesses with a small budget. You are able to set the price you spend per month, so if you only have $150 to spend you can start advertising to your customers.

How cost per click is calculated?

Cost per click is calculated by how competitive the keyword you are trying to rank for. The more businesses bidding on the keyword, the higher the price will be per click.

Where do pay per click ads appear?

Pay per click ads show up as the first 3 results you see on Google when you search for the keyword they are bidding on. The results are split between every business bidding on the keywords.

How do I create a pay per click ad?

To create a pay per click ad you need to set up a Google Ads account and then create an advertising campaign. Choose your keywords, location and some other features. Be aware that if you dont know what you are doing you will end up spending a large amount of money and getting no results.

Does SEO have cost per click?

SEO does not have a cost per click. Organic traffic is free when you are ranking for the keywords you are targeting. SEO will most likely cost you more over time as the results are not instant and it can take months or even years to rank for the keywords you are targeting.

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