How to list your business on Google Maps in 2019

Google My Business

Creating your Google My Business profile is a critical part of local search in Australia as it lets your business show up on Google Maps and allows people to leave reviews. Google My Business is a free service and takes only a few minutes to set up.

Follow this step by step guide to list your business on Google Maps.

1. Set up a new Google Account

Create a Google account or sign into one you already have.

Create a Google Account 1

2. Head to

And click ‘Manage Now’.

Sign in to Google Business 1

3. Enter your business name

If you have the same name as another business in your area, you’ll see the autocomplete function suggest those businesses for you. This is to allow you to see if your business listing already exists (to avoid accidental duplication), and to add a new Google My Business profile to an existing business if you’ve just opened a new location.

Enter your Business Name 1

4. Enter the address of the business location

(Only if this is where your business engages in face-to-face interactions with customers).

5. Specify service areas (optional)

Before you can choose your business category, you’ll need to specify the areas you serve, so that Google can accurately show your business for searches in those areas, even without a physical address. Enter one or more regions, towns, or post codes that your business serves.

6. Choose your business category.

This is a very important field that will not only strongly influence the kinds of search terms you appear in Google for, but also appear within your Google My Business profile. Be as specific as you can when choosing the category.

Choose a Business Category 1

7. Add a contact phone number and website address.

Neither is compulsory but are strongly recommended if you want to take advantage of Google My Business functionalities. If you don’t already have a website, click here and we can help get you online.

Enter your Business Details 1

8. Complete your Google My Business Verification

Google obviously needs to be able to prove that your business is where you say it is.

Postcard verification is the most-used verification process, and is available to all businesses. With this process, a verification postcard will be sent to the address you entered earlier (it should reach you within 10 business days). Once received, you can entered the code in your account to verify the business. 

Complete Your Listing

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